About CHPS

  • Cherry Hill Public Schools Community Profile

    School Start and End Times

    • High School: 7:30 am - 2:30 pm
    • Middle School: 8 am - 3 pm
    • Elementary School: 9 am - 3:30 pm
    • Malberg Early Childhood Center: 9:30 am - 3:30 pm

    Our Location

    Cherry Hill is a 24-square mile area located in southern New Jersey, about 20 minutes from Philadelphia, 90 minutes from New York City, one hour from Atlantic City and three hours from Washington, D.C.

    Our Mission Statement

    We shall provide all children with an education that develops open-minded thinkers with the strong academic and interpersonal skills to thrive in an ever-changing world and make it a better place for all.

    Our Belief Statements

    Because we value high-quality education, we believe:

    • All students can and will learn
    • All learning must be standards-based, challenging, relevant, and developmentally appropriate
    • All students need positive relationships with faculty and staff members
    • All learning must occur in safe and secure environments
    • All staff will dedicate themselves to supporting student achievement
    • A variety of instructional modalities and technology tools must be used to accomplish student learning

    Because we value creative, open-minded thinking, we believe:

    • Students must be prepared to explore multiple perspectives
    • Students must be able to analyze new ideas in ways that show healthy skepticism
    • Students must be able to communicate respectfully with people from different cultures and backgrounds
    • Students must have the opportunity to demonstrate proper respect, responsibility, and positive citizenship in their schools and community

    Because we strive to produce well-prepared, inspired graduates, we believe:

    • Students must graduate from our district ready and prepared to enter college and/or careers
    • Schools must partner with families and our community to foster lifelong learning
    • Students must be supported in their efforts to master social and emotional skills
    • Students must be supported in their efforts to develop and pursue meaningful goals
    • Staff must be supported in their efforts to grow professionally and to enhance their knowledge and improve their skills

    Our Schools

    Total number of schools: 19
    Early Childhood Center: 1
    Elementary Schools: 12
    Middle Schools: 3
    High Schools: 2
    Alternative High School Program: 1

    Our Facilities

    Square feet of building space: 1.7 million
    District grounds: 354 acres
    Year that oldest school was built: 1955
    Year that youngest school was built: 1970

    Our Employees

    The Cherry Hill School District is one of the largest employers in the region.

    Total number of employees: 1,786
    Teachers and other certificated staff: 1,071

    Total number of Administrators: 51

    Educational Assistants: 389
    Beginning teacher salary: $52,070
    Median teacher salary: $84,087
    Number of teacher workdays: 187

    Our Students

    Cherry Hill is the 11th largest public school district in the state.


    Total number of students, December 2023: 10,708

    Pre K-5: 4,820

    Grades 6-8: 2,451

    Grades 9-12: 3,437

    Out-of-District: 148

    Approximate number of families: 5,212

    Ethnic Distribution of Students

    White: 51%
    Asian: 17%
    Hispanic: 16%
    African American: 9%
    Two or More Races: 6%

    Cultural Diversity

    Native languages spoken by students: 76
    Number of bilingual students: 2,323
    Number of English Language Learner (ELL) students: 437

    Socioeconomic Diversity
    Students eligible for free or reduced lunch: 17%

    Diverse Student Needs
    Students eligible for special education services (includes speech-only services): 18%

    Our Indicators of Success

    Percentage of 2020 graduates continuing their education: 90%

    2023 Average SAT Score

    District: Reading, 593; Math, 577
    State: Reading, 538; Math, 528

    Class of 2020 Student Graduation Rate: 

    District: 95%
    State: 91%

    AP Courses Offered: 31

    National Merit Recognition (Class of 2023):

    Finalists: 4

    National Merit Commended Students: 38

    National African American Recognition Program Finalists: 1

    National District of Character 2023

    State District of Character 2017

    National Schools of Character:  Cherry Hill High School East (2021); Joyce Kilmer Elementary School (2021); Barclay Early Childhood Center (2020); Cherry Hill High School West (2020); Horace Mann Elementary School (2020); J. F. Cooper Elementary School (2019); Henry C. Beck Middle School (2019 & 2013); Johnson Elementary (2019); Kingston Elementary School (2019); Woodcrest Elementary School (2019); Bret Harte Elementary School (2018); Joseph D. Sharp Elementary School (2018); A. Russell Knight Elementary School (2017); Rosa International Middle School (2017 & 2008); Stockton Elementary School (2017 & 2012); Carusi Middle School (2016 & 2011); Clara Barton Elementary School (2016); Thomas Paine Elementary School (2020 & 2015); Cherry Hill Alternative High School (2014).

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    For information on which schools serve which neighborhoods, please call the Cherry Hill Public Schools Registration Hotline, (856) 429-5600, extension 4429

  • Cherry Hill Public Schools
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