Cherry Hill is the 11th largest school district in New Jersey, and one of the largest here in South Jersey. We have 19 separate schools totaling 1.7 million square feet that span 354 acres. Of our 19 schools, the newest was built in 1970. We have 1,696 professional staff and a student body of 10,760 in grades K-12. Our students speak 72 different languages at home. Currently, we have a 16% free/reduced lunch rate and a 19% special education classification rate.

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    Cherry Hill has been underfunded by the state for 30 years.

    The last successful bond referendum was in 1999 for $52m. Work on this bond lasted until 2005. The Board at that time knew there was a lot more to do. The next bond referendum vote in December 2018 did not pass.

    Since then, the Cherry Hill Board of Education has gathered input from thousands of individuals through the Bond Ad Hoc Committee, student and community member focus group meetings, surveys, emails, public comments, PTAs, and over 30 public meetings.

    The Board recognized the need for a more specialized and experienced firm with a fresh perspective. In 2020, the Board changed the District’s architect to Garrison Architects. Garrison Architects is currently the architect of record for seventy-two K-12 School Districts (mostly in South Jersey).

    To date, Board of Education members, Garrison Architects and District Administrators have presented the District improvement plan at over 30 meetings to schools and community groups. This bond was built based on that valuable feedback.



    The Board of Education has prioritized, and continues to prioritize, community engagement and community voice. The feedback from the community indicated that all of the projects need to be done. In January 2022, the Board of Education authorized projects to be submitted to the State of New Jersey for the bond referendum.

    In May-July 2022, the Board of Education committed to complete our comprehensive project list while staying within District borrowing limits. Further delays in completing necessary work will not serve District buildings well.

    In July 2022, the State of New Jersey committed to funding their share (via debt service) WITH the success of October 6’s bond referendum. This is the only significant way to make up for three decades of underfunding.



    Garrison Architects and a diverse team of experts have identified $363M worth of work as part of a long-term Facilities Improvement Program that we are looking to fund with this bond – including significant renovation and/or additional work in ALL 19 schools.

    Critical work (including safety, security, infrastructure, air quality and air conditioning, roofs, ADA, modernized classrooms, energy-efficient lighting, all-purpose rooms, and more) needs to be completed in our schools.

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    The State of New Jersey and the Federal Government will share in renovation project costs at over 30% of our actual costs, significantly offsetting the taxpayer burden. We have a commitment of over $113 million directly from Trenton and Washington! The District must provide its share of the actual costs. The only way to do this, and reap the benefit of state and federal funding, is through the bond referendum process

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  • The Cherry Hill Education Association (CHEA)

    Cherry Hill Collaborative

    The Cherry Hill Association of School Administrators (CHASA)

    The Cherry Hill Zone PTA Executive Board