Full-Day Kindergarten and First Grade Registration

Full-Day Kindergarten and First Grade Registration 2020-2021

 Pencil and Paper

If you are a parent who was scheduled to register a child for kindergarten from March 17 through March 26, 2020, the in-person registration process is on hold. PLEASE DO NOT COME IN TO REGISTER YOUR CHILD.

What to do now:

Please be sure you have pre-registered your child online at this link https://genesis.chclc.org/genesis/openReg…

Once you have pre-registered your child, he or she is in the registration queue.


Someone from the Registration Department will contact you to finalize your child's registration.
If you have any questions, please contact Bonnie Mingin, supervisor of pupil services, at bmingin@chclc.org
Thank you for your patience and cooperation!

District Registration page is available online.