Malberg Early Childhood Application 2023-2024 Enrollment Applications

Malberg Early Childhood Application



2023-2024 Enrollment for Typical Student 


Our 2023-2024 ENROLLMENT APPLICATIONS are currently on HOLD


Once the application process has been finalized, information will be provided on our website. Please do not contact the school at this time for additional information regarding the application process.


The Malberg 2023 - 2024 Enrollment for typical students is currently on hold because the district has begun exploring the Preschool Expansion Grant. Some Quick Facts:

  • We would need to transition everyone to a full day program
  • We will have 5 years to provide services to 90% of our universe, which is all eligible 3/4 year olds within Cherry Hill. We have approximately 1700 students we will need to serve.
  • We are looking for classroom space. 1700 students is approximately 116 classrooms.
  • Each classroom can have 15 students, 1 teacher, 1 educational assistant.

The district is excited about this opportunity and wants to carefully plan out the details to create the best educational experience for our Preschool students. When details are finalized, the information will be posted on our website.