Socktober! - Marshall

Hi everyone!  The Community Service Class at the Cherry Hill Alternative High School is participating in a traditional October event called "Socktober."  It was started by Kid President, Robby Novak's brother-in-law, Brad Montague.  in 2011.  Brad realized that there was a large homeless population around where he lived, and they were in need of socks. Socks are the least donated items to homeless shelters.  Brad set out for his first donation drive for socks. He collected and gave them out to the local homeless populations where he lived throughout the month of October.  That's where we get the name "Socktober."  This tradition has dramatically grown in the number of participants.  In 2017, all seven continents had participants in Socktober.  So, this year, the Cherry Hill Alternative High School Community Service Class has also decided to participate and encourage others to donate socks.

You can drop socks off outside the main entrance to the Malberg Aministration Buidling.  There will be a collection box placed at the doorway.

You can view this video, "How Do You Socktober?" for more inforamtion.