New Principal

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We are excited to welcome, on February 8, 2021, the new principal of the Alternative High School, Mrs. Lauren Giordano.

Mrs. Giordano and her family

Mrs. Lauren Giordano and Family

I am elated to rejoin the Cherry Hill School Community. I moved to Cherry Hill when I was three years old. I am a graduate of Cherry Hill West (01), Carusi (96), and Russel Knight (94). Throughout my years as a student in Cherry Hill, I had several impactful teachers and coaches who inspired me to study movement, art, history, and culture. They helped me discover confidence in my talent, get lost in a good book, and the importance of connection.  While in my late teens and early twenties I traveled across a few continents, visiting several countries. In my travels, I started to comprehend the unique and magnificent contribution each human has to offer this planet. My love for listening and learning from humans of all ages continued to grow.  I often tagged along as a TA assistant or worked some extremely odd jobs, including making hula hoops out of recycled bottles, helping fix shoes in Africa, and cleaning a convent in Italy, to earn the money. After graduating from Rutgers with a BA in History, I returned to West and served as a teacher and coach for several years before moving onto Kingston Elementary School to teach fifth grade.  For the last few years, I have been serving as the Director of Special Services in Clementon, NJ. A wonderful little community with amazing students and teachers.

I dedicate time to studying meditation, spirituality, and yoga. However, much is spent learning to play Roblox or build Legos with my son, Joey, and watching my daughter GeorgiaMae make beautiful art or fly across the bars in the gym.  Collectively, the Giordanos’ love dogs, we are fortunate to have two, Laverne and Shirley.

I am passionate about cultivating opportunities and an inclusive environment for students that offers a platform for growth. I believe CHPS played a colossal role in shaping and driving my experiences. It is such an honor to be able to come back and serve as your principal.