Quarantine Contingency Plans for Students

What contingency instructional plans are in place should a student need to miss school for quarantine so they don’t fall behind?

Temporary remote learning will be available for students in grades Pre-K-12 if the school confirms that they are advised to quarantine according to public health guidelines or if they test positive for COVID-19.

Each school will have a process for sharing assignments with students who are advised to quarantine due to close contact of a person who tests positive for COVID19 and/or login information if attending classes via livestream video is an option. There will be a waiting period of 1-3 days (depending on the school) to begin live temporary remote learning so that teachers can properly prepare for students to join their classes remotely.

Temporary remote learning will not be available for any reason other than close contact or a positive COVID-19 test. Students who are out sick with COVID-19 symptoms but do not yet have test results will not have access to live remote learning. Temporary live remote learning will also not be available for students who are home sick for non-COVID reasons, for students who travel, or for any other reason.