High School Visits

Would a junior high student from outside of Cherry Hill Public Schools who is entering high school in Cherry Hill in '23 ever get to visit the high schools before entering 9th grade, such as at an Open House or a shadow day? How would we find out the dates of these events or go about signing up for them?

WE are thrilled to hear that you are planning for your child to attend one of our high schools in 2023! Students are given the opportunity to visit both of our comprehensive high schools, Cherry Hill High School East and Cherry Hill High School West, before attending. Open House events for eighth grade students and their parents are held each winter. For eighth graders entering high school in the fall of 2023, Cherry West's Open House is tentatively scheduled for January 18, 2023; Cherry Hill East's is tentatively scheduled for January 26, 2023 -- both at 7 pm. If your child is not enrolled in the Cherry Hill Public Schools at that time, please contact the main office of each school to let them know you and your child are interested in attending the open house. If you are unable to attend on those dates, please contact the school to arrange for another visit.  

The 2023 Open House dates will be added to the District Events Calendar during the summer of 2022.